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CHEERS TO LIFE, 20,000 Views

Cheers, wine glass - RawMultimedia Art Photography

Cheers to all of my friends of the blog, audience, followers and new subscribers, shoot I will just call all of you my blog ninjas, thanks for all the support.  I am truly happy to announce that my website, broke into the 20,000+ view per month atmosphere.  I truly can’t believe it.  Next to that, I am only a few walks into 500,000 views…OMG.  I mean I worked so hard on my site, my content, my engagement and over all aesthetics of my website to get to this point.  I really wanted to craft a place you can call home, enjoy art, have a good laugh or smile, read some interesting quotes, poetry & stories and really showcase how you can truly be yourself and make it bigger and better in the things you love to do.  There is a lot of thanks I have to give to all my true friends of the blog and network of writers & bloggers for the inspiration how much I want to give back to others.

Being a solo blogger and writer for this site, the road was not easy.  It would have been so much easier if I had a bit of help, or lot more help, but the reward of doing it on my own is a bigger reward than anything.

Believe in yourself, never give up and seek to be better.  It all takes time, you might have to ask a few questions, but if there is a chance to be a better you and have something you will be proud of, go for it.

The photo in this post is just sample of the beautiful images I will be bringing you all summer long… It’s going to be June soon, and #DreamSummer is fully in effect.

Thanks you all…

*Email me at if you ever interested in tips for your blog or website to improve or just to say hi and be new good friends.

Leave your thoughts and opinions with me…

Thanks for reading,


Photo CreditRichardo A. Wilson | RawMultimedia

7 thoughts on “CHEERS TO LIFE, 20,000 Views

  1. Lol not really sure how I ended up here as I run a buddhist blog but 20,000+ views a month is insane! Great job. I’ll have to really look through the blog I guess 🙂


    1. I have been blowing probably 5 years now… I have 4 blogs, 4 different subject matter and design, it’s thrilling to connect with people around the world and share awesome content and discover at the same time.


      1. It definitely has been. But mostly of it was learning how to make it, didn’t have any help, now I can actually help others as I go bigger and better. If you ever in need of some tips or so, I am here for you when you are ready.


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