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Bathroom Gym Selfie - RawMultimedia Lifestyle Photography Art - c

We have all done it, so just admit it.  When we see ourselves in the mirror and we are feeling ourselves, we can’t help but want to snap a pic.  For in that moment, we are the fabulous or super hardcore (for my male readers/viewers), that we can’t help ourselves.  When I was in that same zone after a killer workout and had my #TooCoolForSchoolBlueShades on in which made it even more awesome, and the result was this photo. 🙂

How does this photo make you feel?

Leave your thoughts and opinions with me…

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Photo CreditRichardo A. Wilson | RawMultimedia

2 thoughts on “BATHROOM GYM SELFIE [#Photography]

  1. Cracks me up, but men need to stop doing these bathroom selfies or do them real well. Otherwise you are only creating more entertainment material, we will keep on laughing or cringing.


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