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DIRECTOR & PHOTOGRAPHER [Selfies With Friends]

Selfies with Friends - RawMultimedia Art Photography NYC Portraits

I am always around talented people and friends, here is a series dedicated to them…

Selfies With Friends

Meet: Marlon

Marlon is a very talented and unique individual, hand him a camera and an idea, and he will bring the best out of every moment.

Photo Info: This photo was taken behind the scenes of a project were working on for children book and series.

Check him out:
Instagram: @gud_yute


How does this photo make you feel?

Leave your thoughts and opinions with me…

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Photo CreditRichardo A. Wilson | RawMultimedia

2 thoughts on “DIRECTOR & PHOTOGRAPHER [Selfies With Friends]

    1. Not really I know what people believe or perception maybe be, but look around on my site, my brand of photographic art is common and been this way for last 2-5 years. But don’t care for what others may think if not positive in which is a big topic and push of my website. If it’s not here to appreciate, support, enhance, inspire, be yourself and love the world, then we don’t have time for negative stuff. :). We love people, art, photography, living and individuals.


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