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RED BROWN LEAF [#Photography]

Red Brown Leaf Blend - Art Photography RawMultimedia New York City - c

The image was taken on the basis of curiosity and at calm emotion.  I think it’s odd composition gives me the exact same feeling as it is expressed in art.  I have the feeling of just what is this image I am looking at.

How does this photo make you feel?

Leave your thoughts and opinions with me…

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Photo CreditRichardo A. Wilson | RawMultimedia

One thought on “RED BROWN LEAF [#Photography]

  1. My senses and focus feel heightened when I look at this picture. I think its because of how close up it is to the subject is to the camera and how everything surrounding is out of focus. It makes me zone in on my thoughts and my I’m more aware of myself … more in-tune – if that makes sense.


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