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This is a neat concept photo.  It’s interesting to look at.  Flipped photo of airplanes attacking…

How does this photo make you feel?

Leave your thoughts and opinions with me…

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Photo Credit: Xin Li

8 thoughts on “FALLEN AIRPLANES [#Photography]

  1. it is definitely a cool photo. I kind of relate feeling overwhelmed at attacked when looking at it. It reminds me of having too many things coming at me, full speed. It’s kind of how I feel these days lol

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      1. I see the pressures of the world attacking. It’s like pointing fingers or many things coming at the person at one time from all direction, and we choose our battle of which to handle first. But as the photo original to be right side up, it’s effect is as the planes are coming down, she is still above them all on top

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      2. Yup…very true. Sometimes our views can be directly reflected on what we are going through currently. I am usually very unbiased with my directly emotions. I would see things my way first then think of how someone else could see it. Directly that’s why I have this series running the entire month, posting an art or thought provoking image and ask the world what do they see. It’s like bring a Gallery to the people instead of going to a gallery.

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