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As you may see, a tree, I see the universe of planets.  This is like a calm photo in which I would love to see like walking down my hallway in my apartment as I may stop, stand and think beside it time after time.  It’s like having kids and watching that all grow and hope all the blues will be one big red someday.

How does this photo make you feel?

Leave your thoughts and opinions with me…

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Photo Credit: Charmaine Olivia

One thought on “ABSTRACT UNIVERSE [#Photography]

  1. When I first saw this, my first feeling was “that’s the one I want to get or reach.” After I felt that way, I sat back for a moment and observed that there are a sea of options here but there is always this one option that stands out above all the rest – making you forget that all others exist. I bet if you got close-up on the others , it too would stand out like this red one.


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