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LOVERS [#Photography]

landscape painting red yellow green

Art and painting at it’s best.  This is an amazing piece.  I can’t even describe how wonderful this is.  I have to real tip my hat to the creator, for putting a piece like this into the world.

How does this photo make you feel?

Leave your thoughts and opinions with me…

Thanks for reading,


Photo Credit: I do not own this photo, it’s owned by it’s rightful copyright owner.

One thought on “LOVERS [#Photography]

  1. It’s held me captive for the last 10 minutes, that or your question did. I like the way the colors come to the front, even color that one would think should be further in depth. But how does it make me feel? On its own, it makes me feel relaxed. Combined with your comment and question, curious. great post! Cheers ~


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