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I could have quit but I didn’t,
I heard all the doubts but I didn’t listen,
I saw chaos in my path and walked the other way,
I challenged myself to overcome because I was brave,
I give hope to the massive through my successes,
I did it to be myself not to be impressive,
For fear can allow you to lose yourself,
But fear will not dictate who I am,
It won’t be easy to get up when I fall,
It won’t be easy when I brawl,
I have to crawl my way back to a place I never been,
A new path is now created for everyone behind me,
So I give you this gem, never let fear choose your fate,
Wake up everyday and defeat fear because it’s always outside the gate.

Walk your own path…
Stand your ground…
Don’t let others put you down…
Rise to the occasion…


Leave your thoughts and opinions with me…

Thanks for reading,


Photo Source: via Google Images (all rights go to original copyright owner).

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