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generation gap - wikinomics

It use to be then,
But now it’s now,
Recent and relevance,
It’s how to go on proud,
Into the light,
Breaking in the future,
If you don’t move now,
Then who is going to move you,
Reading blogs, making websites,
Want what you want, what’s your appetite?
For love or for food?
Or a hashtag or two,
Maybe some internet fame,
Then again what can your brain even do,
The gap is getting further,
Who is real, who is realer?
We can computers on our wrist,
But still we can’t spell,
We keep seeing the innocent get killed,
For dumb things people going to jail,
When shall we wise up?
When will we be free,
Or generation keep getting different,
But who will you still be?
In the end…

generation gap

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Photo Credit: Bill Porter / Wikinomics

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