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No Place Like Home

I wish I could kick off my shoes,
The same shoes that got me here,
After a long day the only place in the world I don’t fear,
Home, oh yes, home, I love you so much my dear,
Where ice-cream is served at any times of day,
Where I can sleep no matter the place,
Where I watch ratchet tv on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday,
The place no one can tell me what to do,
The only place I can come home to see,
The same shoes I through in the corner,
Where I have the lights dim and wine bottles open,
I love this place,
This place called home,
There is nothing like it,
There is no place like home…

Is there a favorite thing you like to do at home?
Is there a favorite area in your home you love?

Leave your thoughts and opinions with me…

Thanks for reading,


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