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sexy poet

She said write to me, write to me, write to me,
She like a man who is good with a pen,
She is in love with that type of man, a sexy poet,
She get excited by the words and the visual implications,
It’s like a fantasy she can go away to like a vacation,
She not only likes the way he writes, she loves his lips,
She likes to gaze at them when he recite his works,
Temptation building up she rocks her hips,
As if a sweet melody is playing and she knows a dance for it,
She likes his hands as they stroke the page as he writes,
It’s like a painter working on a masterpiece on a canvas,
She get breathless and grasp as the poems climbs to a peak,
At the edge of her seat, she can hardly speak,
But gesture to her sexy poet,
He knows what she is asking for next,
Ecstasy at it’s best, never a disappointment.

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