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Behind The Scenes Photography With RawMultimedia

Even a photographer has to get their photo taken sometimes.  I mean a photographer could use a tripod, a remote and timer to shoot his own photos, much to what I have done for years.  But I have super talented friends and colleagues that can help me shoot photos or host a photo session for me.  One of my best friends Ray at helped me get warmed up in front on the camera for a photo session.  I am have big press run and spring campaign coming, so I need a great deal of photography work and design work done, so it’s only right I go to someone other from myself to get the job done right.

I had a fun session, only took about an hour to shoot the photos I needed.  I am happy with the photos and can’t wait to see his edits on the photos along with my own creative edits for marketing and advertising purposes.

I love photography, therefore I create and I share.

Do you own a digital photo camera?

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