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It might seem like a simple question, but to others it may seem terrifying.  It is mostly terrifying when you actually don’t know.  For some people the answer comes early and then they set out on a mission to accomplish this goal, achievement or experience.  For some it happens late in life.  But regardless of when it may come to you, it’s a good question to start asking now and check in on as time goes back.  Life is there for living, so live your life.  Try something new or do what make you happy a lot.

I created a Bucket List just for this exact question…Check it out.

For me in the future I see, owning a cafe/lounge.  It’s always been a dream of mines ever since I was about 15/16.  I wanted to create a social environment people can express themselves and relax.  I have been tailoring my blog/website on the same premise, and I think I almost there.  I truly do hope to see this happen.

Another thing I see in my future is a family and children.  Even though some people may say I am late in the game to have kids, but I have a plan.  I am following my plan, and if there were to be a moment in which my plan does not go as planned, and I do have a child before my planning goes through.  I am definitely fine with that and ready for that.  Did I mention, I was also have probably the coolest and most memorable bachelor party and wedding.  I mean I all for simple and easy.  But in the sense of creativity and elements to my wedding it would be super fly.  Trust me, when it happens, you will definitely be on my wedding gust list to experience it all.

What are your thoughts?

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