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It’s always a weird situation for me when someone avoids a conversation because the answer they really want to say to a request of mines is no.  Even the people who like owes me money, and I ask, “When do you think I will be getting that money you owe?”.  They tense up and start the ducking and weaving, and I get pretty bored at those moments.  Just say no folks.  If you are not confident in yourself, don’t be bullied into any situation or peer pressured.  But strong enough to trust your intuition and make an executive decision to stand by what you say and no be scared of what the person have to say.

In my life the situation where I feel people are a bit ruffled to say no to me is when I decided to go somewhere or a do an activity and I invite someone to join.  They know they don’t care or want to go where I going, but they are a bit timid to just say no.  For me I have learned to do everything by myself.  I am definitely not a yes man.  If I want to say no, I am saying no.  It doesn’t hurt my feelings if someone don’t want to go or do something I would like to do.  Also I think people should not take it personal if ask someone to go somewhere and they say no.  I mean in some situations people get upset or angry because you are always doing something for the other person and they then have to the nerve to say no to you.  That is pretty understandable.  But after 2-3 times of someone doing that to you, that clearly states, that’s not someone you need to roll with if they are only taking from you and not giving back.

So with all that being said.  Play fair with people who play fair with you.  Don’t be scared to say no to someone because you don’t feel to do something they are interested in and you are not.  Trust in yourself and make decisions that make you happy, but not lazy.  I don’t like lazy. 🙂

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