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family feud steve harvey

I love questions and answers game shows.  I enjoy shows about real life day-to-day topics, it’s more fun and real how regular people react to questions.  Steve Harvey is a great new host of the show, you just got to love it.  After a long day at work, I need me a good laugh.  So I take a load of watch a few clips off their Facebook Page at  Do you watch the show on tv?   have you ever played the game?  Go ahead and check it out now and see some funny clips.  Most of them are not much more than one minute.  You got time… 🙂

family feud

Another funny thing about Family Feud is my Facebook friends be all like upset when I share it to my wall.  C’mon, you guys don’t like jokes?

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5 thoughts on “FAMILY FEUD

  1. One of my favorite questions was, “Use a snow white dwarf to describe how your wife is in bed.” Neither of the guys would say anything lol

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