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Today was a difficult day for me.  I lost a few of my thoughts.  I tried to get them back but they are gone.  I am to start a new series today but I don’t have the inspiration.  I can’t write, but yet I write.  Work has gotten to me a bit.  Just a clutter of noise, everyday except the weekend.

This afternoon a post about multi-tasking vs mono-taking.  I want to be a mono-tasker yet again.  Everyone wants me to be the opposite.  The article was getting stressed doing too much than doing one thing at a time and getting the best and most accurate results.  I know what I need, so I need to just do it, finish it and then I can move to the next.

Article in reference is:

3 Tips For Mastering Monotasking

Have I not proved all the above and beyond?  Can I just get some air to breathe?  Do I deserve a vacation?  The answer to my questions is indeed.

I need a bit of space and time.  I need quiet.  I have to get that back.

What do you think?

Thanks for reading,

Yours Truly,

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