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rediscovering my body

Have you ever looked down at your body and wonder how your body has changed over all these years?  I am not talking about anyone being old, but pretty anyone over 23 years old has to have seen a difference in their bodies.  You might also think, why am I not doing some of the things I use to do in my teens and early 20s.  Then again unless you worse off then, than now.  Take control back of your body.  It only takes the little things to really make a difference.  For example, eating better, drinking more water, and even going for walks.

What do you think?

women doing yoga


There are small ways to get your health right, whether it’s mentally, physically or emotionally.  You can make a change.  Think about trying a few of these tips to get you started.

Trying out Yoga at home.

Going to a Pilates classes near by.

Drinking two bottles of water per day (at least).

Eating at least one fruit a day (at least).

Watching a few YouTube videos of in-home workout that’s less than 10 minutes.

Read a book every 3 months.

Take a day off from working every week and treat yourself.

Call one good friend for a conversation each week.

All of what I mention are doing-able?  Are you ready for the challenge?  I hope you see you connect more with your body and mind from now on. 🙂

What are your thoughts and opinions on your health?

Thanks for reading,

Yours Truly,

Please leave your thoughts with me… 🙂



  1. I am surprised by how many of these I actually do. After our next kid, I have all kinds of fitness plans. I will be a hot mama! Which reminds me, have you checked out They have some crazy workouts.


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