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Ok, I do understand and know very well the internet is the World Wide Web.  We are all connected by a network of computers and that techie stuff.  But the internet is just a weird place to me.  Social media is also a weird tool that people use.  There was a point only people with money or worked a good job had access to the internet and it’s resources and more.  But now, OMG but now, it’s insanely ran by children and internet memes.  Not to mention the ratchetness, thots, cat videos, dog video, big butts, fake butts, worldstar  hiphop fights and much more.

Now I am not complaining, but sheesh at times, I feel like I have to detach from the matrix.  It’s a bag of clutter and repetitive situations.  It’s like everyone tells the news, everyone raps, everyone takes a selfie, everyone thinks they are a guru, it’s just maddening.  I must say I am happy for the internet and all its glorious beauty and knowledge and everything that goes with new technology and developments via I use them very well.

Let’s get to the really weird part.  The spam and the random videos and events that goes viral.  Like, why and how?  Really how did this this and that goes viral?  I just can’t grasp it at times.

I just chalk things up to that once you have access to technology and the internet, aka your smart phone or a laptop/desktop you can guarantee there is a way for you to have 15 minutes of fame.  Trust me it can happen.  It could either be by luck, hard work, being consistent, or was fate and it was really your time on earth to blown up.

I just wanted to share my thoughts with you and hear your thoughts and opinions back.

Thanks for reading,

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  1. You are absolutely right, people want so badly to be heard, to be noticed. I’ve read that overuse of social media has a negative effect on the psyche, because all of the attention they are supposedly getting is mostly fake.

    You should read The Circle by Dave Eggers. That book shows exactly how what you are talking about can get much worse. It’s kind of scary.

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