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Is it weird that I can say a movie had changed my life?  I guess it’s the same to ask, has a song changed my life as well?  I truly can say that there are few movies that changed my life in a few ways.  Without movies I don’t think I could have experienced a few emotions, see what is possible in the mind, and what you can do if you really believed or applied yourself.  Here are a few movies that changed my life one way or another.  Be sure to share a movie title that changed your life in someway… Go ahead a drop me a comment… 🙂

Rumble In The Bronx
Jackie Chan in this movie made me an instant fan for life.  There was a guy that can kick ass, by kindhearted, not curse, tell a good story, not speak good english and be such a good person while being entertaining.

Brown Sugar
One of my favorite movies of all times where you can best friend can be your love of life and can live your dreams doing what you are passionate about.  There is something in the move called “Real Love“.

The Matrix
To make a choice and take responsibility to be “the one” and have someone believe in you more than you do yourself.  Your mind is a very powerful tool.

The Pursuit of Happiness
With all the odds against you, you still make it through if you just try.  Sometimes you just have to be consistent and live for what your want the most, even if it’s just the simplest of things.  A good man has boundary and a code of honor.

I can definitely say that watching movies and living life through movies made me a better person and helped my make better decisions on what is possible in my life.  I guess that’s why I am big movie junkie and avid fan of actors, writers, producers and directors.  They allowed me to live creatively everyday.

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Photo Credit: My Piece of Heaven by Andrea Lawrence


  1. Totally agree. Maybe it’s cause I have that Highly Sensitive Disorder or something, but movies and songs and books affect me just as much or more than my day to day life. (P.S. To go along with Brown Sugar, I just married my best friend, my “real love.” Yay!)

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