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It’s like a cruel cycle, for there are times I am just tired of writing.  I mean really, I don’t feel like writing.  I am always complaining to myself in secret, hey, look buddy, take a break and chill.  Then out of nowhere and cool idea pops in my head and then BAM, I am back to writing again.  What is really going on with me?  I think I need help.  Has this feeling ever come over you as well?

I mean sheesh, I know in order to stay relevant and attract new audiences and more you have to write often, but I need to take a breather.  I mean I need to switch this creative mind of mines off.

It’s crazy how my mind works as far as creating new series and cool themes each month and I always struggle with a name or theme at the beginning.  Then out of nowhere the theme presents itself.  With that said brings to me my theme for March 2015.

The theme is EMOTIONS.  I shall writing from a personal viewpoint about my life and my experiences.  I mean I don’t think it will be difficult, but I truly know it will help others to get to know me the writer and creative artist more, and may help someone struggling with something get on through.

So be sure to share your thoughts and opinions with me in the most intimate of months of this year as I share my emotions, thoughts and experiences.

Thanks for reading,

Yours Truly,

Please leave your thoughts with me… 🙂