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BREAKING 450,000 Views

Tech Rick - RawMultimedia Photography - Cine ArtI don’t really make posts on my viewership anymore, but I am had to write this for myself.  Leaving March 2015, after falling short in February, I have broken the chain and now own a website with over 450,000 views, and having viewers and readers from over 200 countries in the world.  I have to thank myself for the hard work and focus.  I have to thank the fellow bloggers that follow and comment on my blog posts.

It’s officially spring time in New York City, and I am working hard on my print work projects, and my outreach program to get to the bigger pool of creatives in multimedia.  RawMultimedia over the years have changed so much and grown.  I love that I have an ongoing digital reminder of what I have done.  And I plan to really give you all over moneys worth when it comes to creative photography and more for the entire spring and summer months.

April is upon us, in which I plan to jump into National Poetry Writing Month, and hopefully write a few gem of creative works to maybe put in my autobiography.  I ready to write, I am ready to collaborate, and I am ready to entertain.  Thank you so much.

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Photo Credit: Richardo A Wilson


Silence is Nature’s beat tapping all hearts

Wuji Seshat


Silence is Nature’s beat tapping all hearts

Silence is the sound of thought
For quantum silence would
Mean to not exist, and that is

Impossible for perception
Silence is not a lack of anything
Devoid of words, music, anxiety

It’s the great equalizer
The period in-between incarnations
The condition in-between encounters

And the sacred space that
Separates people, brains, chatter
The voices in our minds still
Sprout flowers faithful to the intent
That created them, the karmic non-hush

I’ve studied silence a lifetime
And still know nothing about her
For she is like the Tao, resting in action
Nestling in every leaf of every tree
Silence in the sun singing

Out loud but not for us to hear
Because we do not hear in light frequency
I can be content however
With silence as a blade of grass
Silence as utopia, purity, simplicity

The bareness of necessity
That transcends desires…

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Passenger of poetic arcs

Wuji Seshat


Passenger of poetic arcs

I am not an original creator
I never loved poetry
As a young person
Nature taught me alchemy
Through a speech impediment

My brain existed around
A deformity, giving me
The possibility of linguistic adoration
A phenomena of thirst
That was never quenched in words

Only the dream of embroidered
Feelings that were vision
From another world
There was no essential musicality
No particular evolution of healing

I didn’t explore complex ideas
Or traverse steppes of philosophy
But I yearned for something
And words emerged
To conjure a caress in silence

For a little saving bath
In the horizontal language of English
And the pauses before mandarin
I felt a cruel hunger for experience
The inner experience of waiting

At the harbour of the future
For a temptation to dream
And an anticipation for tomorrow
That consumed and whitewashed
All of who I once was until

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