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waiting for you to come home 1

I am at home waiting on you,
To love me,
To say hello,
To bring me a rose,
To read me a poem,
To write me one too,
To hug me close,
To let me lay my head on you,
To share in my joy,
To be my love toy,
To play in my hair,
To recite a bedtime tale,
To cook me din,
To share in a glaze,
For if you were home,
I would stay right by your side in every way.

This poem is dedicated to love waiting on you to reach home.  Whether it’s a partner, your family, your friend, your pet, you know that reaction you get when you down the block, at the door or coming up those steps.  There is love waiting for you, at every step, so get home soon.

Thanks for reading,
Yours Truly,

Please leave your thoughts with me… 🙂


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