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Even after our child’s birth,
I would never forget,
The depth of our emotions,
Our love is so big,
We cry in joy,
We cry in pain,
Our child is born,
Our world has now changed.

Thanks for reading,
Yours Truly,

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8 thoughts on “EMOTIONS

  1. There is always a change after a baby is born in a household. It used to be a house after baby birth it becomes a HOME – a true home indeed with laughs and cries of that baby – heavenly feelings.

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  2. I thought I found out what love was when each of my children were born. I found out what a new level of love is when my granddaughter was born. I remember looking at the other grandparents and whispering, “We are immortal now. We will live on forever.”

    It’s not even really that. We connected with our hearts and souls. No words were needed. Before she could make a sound, her spirit talked to me for hours as mine did to her. I pray it will be this way with every grandchild God blesses this family with.

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