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Where did it come from?
This new love,
Every year,
We have grown,
We found new ways to love.

Thanks for reading,
Yours Truly,

Please leave your thoughts with me… ūüôā


4 thoughts on “NEW LOVE

    1. Who really knows…we should follow our hearts…RIGHT?? IDK just trying to figure it out myself…let me know if you should come across anything worth passing on…xo

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      1. I can honestly say IDK…I want Love that makes me feel alive…new love always makes you feel alive, wanted, loved…some how over time that changes?? That’s been my experience…did I do something wrong? Did I put others feelings before my own…Passion? A life that makes me….?!?! I hope to figure it out before it’s to late…lol <3…thank you for the reply…xo

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