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I love reading comments.  I mean everywhere I go.  It’s tells me a few things when I do see that.  Three important things it tells me is that, (1) there is interactions wanted on the post, (2) its relates to someone or speaks a particular message to the audience/readers, and lastly it is there to build a relationship with others who are so brave enough to speak and few their opinions and thoughts.

So read your comments on your Website, Facebook, Blog, YouTube and Instagram.  It’s important to be social and networking in today’s world.  You don’t have to write the craziest things, you don’t have to do it every single day (even though you should and its good practice), you don’t even have to read or respond to your comments alone on your own posts.  The key part of reading/replying to comments is to be a part of the conversation and the people who do comment are there to talk.  You would never know what great friendship and relationships you can build by responding to comments.

As a task that for today/this week, research a place you go to get your news or source of entertainment each day or week.  Pay attention to who comments and what they say.  And try start replying and talking with the people in the comments and see where that brings you.  The most meaningful people in your life are the ones you have shared interests with.  Those are the people who will look out and support you in the things you.

Don’t be frightened that oh this person is a stranger or I don’t know who they are.  Leave your worries behind.  Your friends and family were all strangers until you got to know them, even your boss, co-workers, classmates, and even wife or husband.  I usually tell people who are shy or afraid to come have a conversation with me.  Chat with me on Instagram @RawMultimedia or Twitter @RawMultimedia or Email me at or Skype or Text Me at 347-603-0406.  We can always chat.  I like to entertain and be super informative when it comes life, breaking habits, creating habits, and more.

So give it a shot and try a bit more talking openly.  Don’t be too personal in public.  And pray for happy blessings to come your way.

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