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WINTER OASIS #Photography

Winter Oasis - RawMultimedia Photography Art of Kennie Dubb

It’s only natural to stay warm during the winter,
But sometimes you just got to be cold.

Photography by: Richardo A Wilson
Art Direction by: RawMultimedia
Model: Kennie Dubb (Music Artist)

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Do you want to be a successful blogger, get views, get people to comment, like and share your posts/content, gain followers & subscribers and make money doing all of this?

The content in this post will be aggressive and harmful if touched, so get ready to take the pain, the facts and change your life, if you actually want to achieve results and make your name heard.

Okay I really have no time to sugar coat this for you. ¬†You are reading this because you want to have a successful blog right? ¬†Right!. ¬†So here we go, but do let me explain this one fact of the world. ¬†We all can say we do something by just doing that thing. ¬†Everyone or most of the world say these same lines over and over, “I want to own my own business, I want to make extra money on the side, I want to start a blog, I want to be a writer or blogger”. ¬†In the end there is a program, just a few paperworks, or online form you have to fill out, or PAY ME, and BAM it’s accomplished. ¬† Sounds easy right? ¬†Right?!. ¬†The major difference is actually being successful and actually love what you are doing. ¬†If you working to make yourself successful at it then¬†umm,¬†95% of the time you are going to fail. ¬†Don’t worry about the percentage I mentioned, I just pulled it out of the air. ¬†So here we are now to the list of things you have to do in order to be a successful blogger in which get’s comments, likes, views, followers, subscriber-ship, and even money. ¬†I bet you are smiling now.

blogging 101

0. Where to Create My Blog?

Get yourself a blog, end of story. ¬†Don’t let someone tell you a blog is not a website. ¬†That person is stupid. ¬†It’s pretty much the same thing. ¬†Stop wasting your time looking for shortcuts and infinite options searching through and to solve your problem. ¬†Yes, Tumblr exist, Blogger exist, Wix exist, Weebly exist…but are you about that life yet? ¬†Nope. ¬†Start in one place and get to work on YOU. ¬†Plus has a built audience, google friendly 100%, has a beautiful app on all platforms, tons of details (FOR FREE), has meet-ups and social events across the world every year, and also FREE TIPS and SEMINARS at ¬†There are tons¬†more useful and great reasons why, but this is not the post to tell you all of them, go to their website and read up.

1. What to write / What to post?

What do you like? ¬†When searching the web, or within life, what do you like to talk about? ¬†Shoes, Fashion, Movies, Gossip, News, Music, Poetry, People, Food, etc… Ummm,¬†talk about that. ¬†But whatever you do there is 3 key things, ADD VALUE & QUALITY, WRITE IN PROPER GRAMMAR and DO IT FREQUENTLY. ¬†If you going to be the best, you got to play like you are the best. ¬†Train, practice, focus, challenge yourself, learn, learn, learn, oh yea practice again. ¬†Also by finding other bloggers like you or you seem to be similar to, and following them and reading their content you can be inspired to create as well.

#DontBeANoob the world is at your finger tips, type a question in google or YouTube and an answer shall pop up.

2. Getting Likes & Comments

I know most people have troubles with this situation. ¬†I did as well at first, until I started to not care anymore. ¬†I am writing because I want to write and I want to add value to the world. ¬†It’s funny how after I stop caring about that, is actually when I fell in love with writing and then the comments and likes started flowing. ¬†Fact is if you don’t give, trust me you will not be getting. ¬†If you are not reading other’s blogs and LIKING and COMMENTING as you would like them to do to you, then life has a funny way to give you exactly what you deserve. ¬†So start following, liking and commenting, and don’t you dare beg for views, comments and likes back. ¬†That’s just desperate, against good friendly etiquette, and just a turn off. ¬†But if who you choose to comment and follow is a nice person, they will check out your site and most likely will return the favor. ¬†Best of all if you are writing good content and enjoying what you are doing, then you might end up gaining a follower, likes, comments and even a share if that content is good seems you have VALUE & QUALITY and ENJOY/KNOW¬†what you are doing or saying.

 3. How To Get Views and Tons of It

Do not pay some stupid site for views on your website, for yes those exist, and yes google and WordPress has a way to discover that. ¬†That is a bad idea, so go ahead and stay away. ¬†I am pretty much power social media user and internet researcher so I know where and how to get views for different categories, topics and genre. ¬†But not everything is based on my brand in which I stay away. If you want quality viewers and subscribers, you surely don’t want to play tricks create lies trying to do things only for the views and money. ¬†That just make you hate yourself don’t the line quite possibly and you may not last. ¬†My solution is getting in views, is stay current and relevant. ¬†Also my gem is you is to write and create a series. ¬†Think of the thinks you like and think of a part one, part two, and part three. ¬†It’s call adding value, doing a follow-up, plus a keeping a good thing going. ¬†Think of a movie or tv show, the successful ones has sequels or years of seasons towards their branding, characters and how well the audience interacted with them. ¬†Think of successful music artists or authors, when they create a project with various valued content, they continue to do just that.

Be social a bit. ¬†Grab yourself a twitter, pinterest, Facebook and share with friends and people in that field as well as talk with them. ¬†Ask them what they would like to read or see, then if you are good, write that. ¬†You don’t have to sell your soul on social media, just be open to talk about what your write and do, and what are the needs of the world. ¬†When you do this and your work is created for people to see, people will find you, latch onto you and share and come to the source of the great content. ¬†Google also will find and help you as you write good content on the internet and will bring eyes your way the more you promote, get the likes and comments and of course following the 3 key things list in #1.

Lastly, it’s very important to¬†ADD¬†TAGS and CATEGORIES, always…It’s like the streamline of the world. ¬†How will someone find you? ¬†What are you writing about? ¬†What is within the content of what you are writing? ¬†Is there a photo (that tells a thousand words) inside the post to help give it visibility?

blogging writing wordpress

4. How to Build to Last and Bring in the MONEY.

Are you doing an outreach to bloggers like yourself? ¬†Are you going to conferences and meet-ups? ¬†Are you using the beautiful search engine of google to search for affiliated programs like Amazon Associates to bring in income that’s safe and trusted way? ¬†Are you being loyal to other blogs and writing a nice and humble email to that blogger for guest posts? ¬†Are you joining in Blogging Events and WordPress Daily Prompts and Challenges to meet others? ¬†Are you writing or providing great services or content are willing to pay for? Have you tried a crowd-funding campaign?

These are the questions you should be asking in the sense of making money from writing.  I know they exist and I am apart of a few.  Based on your outreach, you also reach out to local businesses in your similar niche or subject matter and ask to join forces or they may be interested in paying you to write for them, to increase value for their business.  The money is out there, but only if you really want it, it shall present itself your way. #Hardwork

These efforts are what makes and breaks you. ¬†Be ready for a lot of NOs and very few YESs. ¬†But it’s those yes answers you get is what is going to make it all worth it, so make them count. ¬†Networking and building relationships, friendships in where the wealth is. ¬†For you will find more times, your friends and network will talk about you and recommend people to you.

In case you may have any questions, be sure to leave it in the comments below or request for my email and we can chat there.

NOTE: Please excuse my excessive use of¬†CAPITAL LETTERS and BOLD fonts. ¬†But if you are skimmer like myself ūüôā you know keywords, and bring attention to important points are what they are there for.

There will definitely be a HOW TO BE A SUCCESSFUL BLOGGER 102 <- Click To Request It.

Thanks for reading and your thoughts and opinions do count for feel free to hop in and share…

Yours Truly,