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So 2015 if here, mostly everyone is setting up their 2015 New Year’s Resolutions.  Most say the say thing each year, like, “lose weight, go to the gym more, get a job, move out, get of debt (hold up, that’s definitely mines), and relationship and love life constitutions.  For me, I have broken past the average and happily (when not thinking out my worries) is making bigger lifestyle change and learning new skills and consider my resolutions or whatever it is set out to do as Declarations as a part of a Doctrine.  It sounds official right?  Yup, I did this years ago after I made one my biggest lifestyle change which was in 2007/2008.  I no longer wanted to be a noob.

My Two New Things To Do

My two new things to do in 2015 is simply,

(1) Learn How To Speak French

(2) Learn How To Speak In Sign Language

Now trust me when I tell you I am like the busiest guy in the world when it comes to ideas and things to do and could do, but these are two things that I am very interested in learning, no matter the difficulty level and timing, but I am really here to challenge myself.

This to me is a lifetime goal and I do not at no point think I will master these two tasks but, I do know my limits and willing to work at it in steps until I am good in my understanding and execution of using them.

With that said, I have set my goals to be this.

I must learn at least 40 words/phrases in French.  Second, I must learn 20 – 40 words, expression and/phrases in Sign Language.

So there you have it.  So since I have now announced it to the world, I want you to hold me accountable for my goals for I need to pressure and reminder that this is something I want to do in my life as a whole and this is my beginner training wheels step of the gate.

Wish me my luck.  I really got my work cut out for me.

How I plan to accomplish this challenge is to practice daily if not every other day, as well as starting with 2-5 words at a time every week.  I will be replacing my words regular english common words with french words and sign language at work and in play with my friends so I can really put use to what it means to speak a different language to communicate.  I only know english and bit of Spanish, so I am in for some punishment.

If you know of any help or free tools, be sure to send it my way, thank you.

My thoughts and Behind The Scenes/Inside My Brain Processing…

The reason I chose to write post as “Two New” Things To Do is that I am a strong advocate for more action than words, crazy, figuring I am a writer and I believe strongly that words have a lot of value.  I think we do things, is action speaking louder than words.  Anyways, we all like to make list and tend to write too many things done on our lists.  More of the times we tend to never finish the list, completely.  We find easiest and more doable things and complete those, within all it’s struggle and leave a lot off.  So I decided to shorten the list, make it a challenge, implement it into my daily routine and sacrifice if necessary to accomplish my goal.  Those where the wording for “Two New Things” comes in play, as I imagine putting up my two finger symbolising for the peace sign, as I walk away for friends or family or whatever it is to go ahead and accomplish my goals.  It’s funny, that most people think the things I do is quite random and has no value, but silly them to know or realize I think everything I do though strategically and most of everything I do has an end goal and usually a double or triple meaning or analogy behind it.  I guess it’s really silly them.

As apart of being more transparent in my communication with the world, I am going to be starting to doing more of the deeper thoughts section to highlight my thinking and ideas to what I write and do in life.

Leave A Comment 🙂

Leave a comment on your thoughts and opinion and feel free to share with me Two New Things you plan to do in 2015.

Thanks for reading into my thoughts,
Rik 🙂