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Thinking out loud, I need to write more.  I need to write 500 words per post.  Well at least 3-4 times per week.  I have many thoughts to share.  I need to challenge myself to speak more in words to people who would like to listen or has been sharing for answers.  Do you have these same thoughts?  Do you feel conflicted or overwhelmed to do this task?  I can only say I am trying and I need, not want for this to happen.

I write well in short form, but I seem to have been caught in my comfort zone for far too long.  Shaking things up sounds like the way to go.  What is it I have to lose.  I am a creator, therefore I need to need to create.  I need to accept the things that are far from my grasp I must fight harder for if it’s worth it and I truly believe in it.  So here I stand looking at it as a mountain to climb when it’s really one step I have to make first and then the continue with another and soon enough I will be up that mountain.  Now if I do seem to catch a bit of adrenaline, I am definitely running.  Oh yes and running will be fun, but I will be sure to run safety and steadily.

Now since I think I got my aim set.  I need to also refer to things a bit more as well.  I know what to do, it’s all about doing it I am having a bit of a slow start on.  I do it well for others, but I got to do this well for myself.  As things in the world inspire and have educated me, I should not be scared or selfish to not pass on my guides for it shall help someone else or maybe in a bigger way than myself to reach a goal or overcome an obstacle in their way.  So this to me is step one along my path to writing.

As I write this I am looking at my word count and its going up.  I shall be ending this off on a high note.  I will be short of 500, but I am at least in my process of changing.  Thank you for reading and listening.

Share your thoughts with me as I try to figure out what I am trying and going to do.  Maybe you have a tip for me.

Thanks for reading


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