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It’s those special moments in life, that makes living in a struggle a piece of cake.  You got to love the small things and the big things.  Cherish and love people and things as they come, become you never know when the time will ever-present itself again.  I live for the awesome moments in life that make you laugh and smile from cheek to cheek.  Here are my a few of my best moments in life for 2014.  Share yours in the comments.  I also do think you, yes you, the reader of this post to start creating a list each year as well.  It will help you reflect and plan for better moments in life.

*Every year I countdown all the successes, fails, best moments, worse moments, best investments and more of the year.

Top 10 Best Moments of 2014

  1. I got to see my Cousins 3 kids all at once for a month in the spring (I love those kids).  It was a great experience to learn about them and interact with them, and I deem I will try my very best to look out for them in life.
  2. I went to Virginia (Norfork/Hampton) to see my best friend before he left the army.  Shout out to my best friend for life Corey.
  3. I went to the WordPress Expo in Brooklyn, New York.  What a wonderful experience to go to a convention of happy people and creative souls.  It was a blast via it’s something I always wanted to do especially since WordPress has changed my life.
  4. I got to see the WWE Headquarters in CT.  It was a micro vacation turn fan boy moment.  Shout out to the WWE.
  5. J Cole’s New Album is amazing and can’t a music fan be as happy as me to see this album out and have a special meaning to me.
  6. I got to shoot a music video for one of my favorite music artist (Joon Jukx).  He is a really amazing artist and cool guy to know.  Check out a few of his music titles at
  7. 7. Broke a cycle (worked on my birthday for the 1st time in 10 years).
  8. In a soccer game hosted by friends, I made the winning goal with a no look chip cross that went over 40 yards or more right into the goal.
  9. Fabolous new music album.  It was 90s themed.  One of the my favorite hip hop lyricist, helped me have a merry christmas.
  10. I got to reconnect with a few of my best friends.  I spent a great deal of time, much to what I can afford to create happy moments with my best friends.  It was a special year for that.

Honorable Mentions


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7 thoughts on “TOP 10 BEST MOMENTS OF 2014

      1. For. EVERRR. hahaha. I have never moved. There are some really good spots depending on where you are. Seafood is great, plus we have little places in Hampton that surprise you…most people go to VA Beach though.

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      2. Though I wasn’t there for long, I had a great time there…Maybe I shall return again one day. I got some great sites here in NYC if you ever to journey here. If ever just let me know I shall be your tour guide. 🙂 Thanks for taking the time to drop in on the comments though….very much appreciated. What’s your favorite places to eat?

        Liked by 1 person

  1. I’d love to get back to NYC! Eating here is not the same as it used to be as I eat gluten-free mostly, but there is a tiny hole-in-the-wall place called Midtown Eats. That guy can cook up some food…like shrimp and grits:)

    Liked by 1 person

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