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High Five Business people

Every year I countdown all the successes, fails, best moments, worse moments, best investments and more of the year.  It’s a way for me to share my obstacles and achievements with the world and let them see how what ever it is I earned never came easy.

So here are a few thing that made my year worth everything to me.

Top 10 Accomplishments of 2014

  1. Rode on the Greyhound Bus for 10hrs

  2. I became the Tech Supervisor at my jobRaised my credit score over 20 points

  3. I lowered my debt (business investment, college loans)

  4. I got my 401k set up and moving

  5. I got my HSA account booming

  6. I got (back) my full medical Insurance benefits (health, dental, vision)

  7. Updated my life insurance policy

  8. I made the most money I have ever made in a year in 2014.

  9. I saved the most I ever saved in a year ever, this year.

  10. Bought my (2nd Jordans ever) This blue joint.

Honorable Mentions

Bought (3) of the most comfortable NIKE sneakers I have ever wore in my life. (all black, blu & wht, blu & grn)

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