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Every year I countdown all the successes, fails, best moments, worse moments, best investments and more of the year.  It’s a way for me to share my obstacles and achievements with the world and let them see how what ever it is I earned never came easy.

Let’s see how I did with my money.

*Note:  This is simply my personal list, not in any real order.  This list is really just a reminder to myself in public, somewhat a note to self/journal entry of the past year events and help guide into the new year.

TOP 10
1. 13 Macbook Pro (8gb, solid state) – $1,500
2. Toshiba Windows 8.1 Laptop – $240
3. GoPro Hero 3 – $199
4. Runaway Wireless Bluetooth Headset – $55
5. Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds – Free ($26)
6. Ipad Mini 2 – $400
7. Canon T3 Camera – $200
8. FitBit Band – Free ($100)
9. Keurig – $51
10. Anker Dual USB Powerpack 10,000 amh – $25

Honorable Mentions
Swish gear Bag – $6 ($90 worth)
Case Logic Bag – $53
HP Printer – $50
Shredder – $26
Spotify Subscription (3mos) – $0.99c
Rave Wireless Speaker – $12.99

My resolution:

Buy less you want and more of what you need.  ROI all the time.

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