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TOP 10 FAILS OF 2014

TOP 10 FAILS of 2014

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Every year I countdown all the successes, fails, best moments, worse moments, best investments and more of the year.  It’s a way for me to share my obstacles and achievements with the world and let them see how what ever it is I earned never came easy.  So let’s just start off with the fails.  You know when people say I have good news and bad news for you, which would you like to hear first, I am definitely the guy that says, lay the bad news on me first so we can get over it and get to the positives.

*Note:  This is simply my personal list, not in any real order.  This list is really just a reminder to myself in public, somewhat a note to self/journal entry of the past year events and help guide into the new year.

  1. I failed at reaching 10,000 subscribers on Youtube on my channel.

  2. I failed at producing and releasing my independent music EP album, not once but multiples times this year.

  3. I failed at completing a collaborative book idea project with my awesome friend from another country.  She knows who she is, she is so awesome to me. 🙂 (we will get them in 2015 though)

  4. I failed at releasing probably the DOPEST INTERVIEW series there ever was going to be on my blog and Youtube channel.  I feel very bad about that. (but the idea and effort and work is still there)

  5. I failed at staying relevant on my Youtube videos.  Smh, sad very sad.

  6. I failed at reading over 4 books this year.  (I was so prepared, but just couldn’t do it, failed for obvious.)

  7. I failed at losing 20 lbs that I randomly gained from working all the time and poor food choices.

  8. I failed at not letting my work control my life.

  9. I failed at traveling more and taking a vacation every now and then.

  10. I failed at not taking bigger risks in 2014.

My resolution:

I will try to achieve this failures I have taken on into the new year, by first attacking them head on as some of my first action plan to my 2015 successes.

I will achieve releasing

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