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TOP 10 FAILS OF 2014

TOP 10 FAILS of 2014

fail baby photo

Every year I countdown all the successes, fails, best moments, worse moments, best investments and more of the year.  It’s a way for me to share my obstacles and achievements with the world and let them see how what ever it is I earned never came easy.  So let’s just start off with the fails.  You know when people say I have good news and bad news for you, which would you like to hear first, I am definitely the guy that says, lay the bad news on me first so we can get over it and get to the positives.

*Note:  This is simply my personal list, not in any real order.  This list is really just a reminder to myself in public, somewhat a note to self/journal entry of the past year events and help guide into the new year.

  1. I failed at reaching 10,000 subscribers on Youtube on my channel.

  2. I failed at producing and releasing my independent music EP album, not once but multiples times this year.

  3. I failed at completing a collaborative book idea project with my awesome friend from another country.  She knows who she is, she is so awesome to me. 🙂 (we will get them in 2015 though)

  4. I failed at releasing probably the DOPEST INTERVIEW series there ever was going to be on my blog and Youtube channel.  I feel very bad about that. (but the idea and effort and work is still there)

  5. I failed at staying relevant on my Youtube videos.  Smh, sad very sad.

  6. I failed at reading over 4 books this year.  (I was so prepared, but just couldn’t do it, failed for obvious.)

  7. I failed at losing 20 lbs that I randomly gained from working all the time and poor food choices.

  8. I failed at not letting my work control my life.

  9. I failed at traveling more and taking a vacation every now and then.

  10. I failed at not taking bigger risks in 2014.

My resolution:

I will try to achieve this failures I have taken on into the new year, by first attacking them head on as some of my first action plan to my 2015 successes.

I will achieve releasing

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Art N Beauty - Rawmultimedia Photography Art -

Sometimes we shelter our dreams,
Sometimes we put shades over our visions,
But our ambition can’t be tamed,
If we live our pain and believe in our inner beauty,
We can change the perceptions of the people through art.

Photo by: RawMultimedia
Model: Ronalda

This is one of my favorite images ever captured of the model in the photo.