If you were a BOOK…what kind of book would you be? Check out Jixi’s post and poem on books and words… 🙂

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I would be living off every word read,
Every phrase written,
Every page read,
I am in your hands,
Do what it is you want with me,
Laugh, think, share, be amazed,
For every page you pass,
Is a life lived within your mind,
Quote my words,
Memorize my metaphors,
Adopt my similes,
For through books we grow,
We experience and learn to know,
That words can change lives,
And using words is an art,
So cherish each word you love,
And let each word live on.

If I were a book I would be a nice hard cover book.  I mean like the light version though.  I so specific with books that I can’t really just be a paperback.  It’s weird to me.  I am not saying it feel cheap, I am saying I would when you hold me book it feels as powerful as…

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