Your time has come,
It’s a wrap,
Turn off the lights,
Exit the building,
Your light have already been shun,
Time to go to sleep,
It’s not time for a nap,
And definitely not for a late night snack,
It’s a wrap,
Yes I have said it,
And it’s so sad I had to say it again,
Me and you ain’t friends,
So be gone for  this is the end,
Don’t try to defend,
You have just been sacked,
There is no coming back,
Once again it’s a wrap.

Note: I fired myself from writing poetry in advance. lol.  It’s the finally days on “NaPoWriMo” and I am gone.

Have you ever been sacked?  Fired?

It’s a very odd feeling.  I have been sacked before, and I can say it’s not a lovely feeling to have.  Your mind goes all over the place, constantly thinking and trying to figure out what have happened, why did it happen and what you have to do.  I don’t want to be in that position again.  How about you?

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Richardo Wilson
[The Master Ninja]
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