Kiss Me

French Kiss
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“A Kiss Can Win A Women’s Heart Forever.”

When she says this, you better lean in and give her the best feeling in her life.  A kiss is one of the most precious things in the world.  A woman can tell by just a kiss, how they truly feel about a man.  A kiss holds such a bond that last a life time, so much that just a thought reminiscing on the memory, the moment, the first kiss, makes a woman smile day in and day out.

So men my advice to you, is to step your kissing game up, for if you want your lady, your girlfriend, your wife to love you more, and keep remembering why she fell for you, the KISS is the key.

And for all my women out there, that have men that can’t kiss right, don’t you be discouraged, try to teach him the way to your heart and if he is willing and love you, he will take on the training and work on giving you a perfect kiss you will remember.

Have you had the prefect kiss?   Do you remember your first kiss?  How old were you when you had your memorable first kiss?

Thanks for reading

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